Do you have a stinky pup? With oatmeal for sensitive skin, coconut oil for moisture, baking soda for funky odors, and essential oils to keep fleas at bay, you'll love this natural DIY dog shampoo.

My girl, Maddie, is getting up there in years. In fact, she’s been in my life longer than my husband and children. With age comes a funky smell and sensitive skin. I have finally perfected making a natural shampoo for her and I wanted to share.


  • 1 c. Oatmeal – Ground (not instant!!!)
  • 1 c. Baking Soda
  • 1 tsp. Dr. Bronners
  • 1 tsp. Coconut Oil
  • 10 drops Essential Oil (I like Lavender & Cedar because they repel fleas)
  • 4 c. Warm Water

Grind your oatmeal to the consistency of coffee grounds. In fact, I used my old coffee grinder to grind mine. Mix the oatmeal and baking soda and then use a funnel to pour it into a bottle (I used a glass milk bottle from our local farm, Sherman Farm). Add the essential oils, coconut oil and Dr. Bronners and sort of swish them so they mix together a bit. Add the warm water and gently tilt the closed container back and forth until the ingredients are mixed. Don’t shake or you will have bubbles all over the place.

Using Your Natural Dog Shampoo

To use, massage into your dog’s skin for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The Dr. Bronners will clean the fur, the coconut oil rehydrates the skin, the baking soda eliminates funky odors and the essential oils add a pleasant scent and repels fleas. It’s everything you need in one bottle.

Store your natural dog shampoo in the fridge and bring to room temperature before bath time.


  1. What is Dr Bronners please? (I live in Australia!)